List of Famous Serial Killers



Here you will find some prolific serial killers from American, England and other parts of the world. This list of serial killers will grow over time as there are hundreds of serial killers out there add.

Famous serial killer David Berkowitz

This notorious serial killer shot and killed his victims claiming a “dog made me do it”

The serial killers list will feature infamous names such as:

Ted Bundy

Jeffrey Dahmer

Son of Sam (Berkowitz)

The Boston Strangler

The Co-Ed Killer (Kemper)

Gacy The Killer Clown

The BTK Killer (Dennis Rader)

The Folsom Wolf (J.G. Marlow)

Peter Sutcliffe (Yorkshire Ripper)

Dennis Nilsen

Dr Death

Crossbow Killer (Stephen Griffiths)

The Acid Bath Killer (John George Haigh)



Famous serial killer Ted Bundy

Charming and intelligent, Bundy was described by women who knew him as a charismatic man.


How does one go about choosing which serial killers make their top 10 list? Do you choose on body count? Length of time spent at large? Inventive methods of murder? There are way too many variables to take into consideration, and to be honest, we’re not choosing a winner here. Its not Miss United States now is it?