American Serial Killers




The list of famous American serial killers is long and distinguished. I have given some of the most well known of these their own page which will allow me to discuss them in more detail. Some of the names will stick out at you. probably from reading about them in books or watching movies about their lives.


Famous American Serial Killers

Some faces look familiar, Bundy and Gein definitely stand out don’t they?


Ted Bundy is possibly the most famous American serial killer of all time and it would seem that our fascination with these killers stems from his story. How did the boy next door became the monster at your window?

How would you rate which serial killer makes it into this distinguished list? Would it be based on body count? Would it be based of method or style of murder? There are way too many variables to consider so to start off with I have decided to make a list of infamous serial killers which nearly everyone has heard of.

The American serial killers currently discussed on my website are chosen because I have found them fascinating and took it upon myself to find out more about them.


Ted Bundy

Jeffrey Dahmer

Son of Sam (Berkowitz)

The Boston Strangler

The Co-Ed Killer (Kemper)

Gacy The Killer Clown

The BTK Killer (Dennis Rader)

The Folsom Wolf (J.G Marlow)


This list will continue to grow so be sure to come back here often.