British Serial Killers



Famous serial killers in Britain

They almost could be a boy band, these are three of Britain’s most famous serial killers



Great Britain generally known for its gorgeous green rolling hills, stunning coast lines, myths and legends and usually doesn’t take the lead when someone thinks “serial killers”. Let me assure you that England surely have had their fair share of manic murderers and some have been notorious enough to grace the front pages of many an international newspaper.

Famous British serial killers such as Peter Sutcliffe, better known as “The Yorkshire Ripper” is a very well documented case both because of police investigation bungles and because Sutcliffe, like Bundy, is also best described as a quiet, intelligent man.

Other British killers will be discussed and dissected – so to speak, however a good place to start would be with the ripper himself.

The list I have created will continue to grow as I find British serial killers just a fascinating as their US counterparts. Be sure to keep coming back!


British Serial Killers List:


Peter Sutcliffe (Yorkshire Ripper)

Dennis Nilsen

Dr Death

Crossbow Killer (Stephen Griffiths)

The Acid Bath Killer (John George Haigh)