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Famous American Serial killer Ted Bundy

He is a good looking guy isn’t he?

Theodore Robert Cowell – AKA Ted Bundy – (Source Wikipedia)

Ever met a really nice, intelligent guy who helps you take out your trash, or holds down a valiant job? Most young women regarded Ted Bundy as “handsome and charismatic” which worked well in his favour. Build their trust then nab ‘em!

Bundy tugged on the heartstrings of young women and managed to murder and assault over 30 within a four year reign of terror, spanning seven states. No wonder this guy is the most well-known and documented serial killer in America, even to this day!

From an early age Bundy had a fascination with the weird world of torture and violence. At the age of 3 years old, his aunt awoke during the night to find him placing butchers knives around her body! His good looks and charming manner ensured he was never lacking of a girlfriend during his college years at the University of Washington although a few of these ladies had one thing to say about him in common, that he liked to act out violent sexual fantasies with them.

One of Bundy’s most famous murders happened one night at a sorority house where he killed three young women while they slept in their dorm rooms.

Bundy was first arrested on a traffic violation in Salt Lake City and the officer noticed a tool kit for burglary in this VW Bug. He was charged with kidnapping and sentenced to up to 15 years in prison. When he was moved to Colorado to stand trial for the murder of a student he abducted from a ski resort where this intelligent man escaped from a window during a break in court. Aspen police caught him after a brief stint of freedom only to have him escape again. This time through the ceiling panels in his cell. Bundy stole a police car and made good his escape and drove to Florida.

Bundy, flushed with the brilliance of his escapes and outwitting the law enjoyed committing further rapes and murders until his capture in 1978. Bundy managed to dodge the electric by nearly 10 years, however justice was served and Bundy was electrocuted in January of 1989.

Bundy has been charged and convicted of killing nearly 30 women across America however police officials reckon this body count doesn’t even come close to the real figure.

Choosing his victims generally based on appearance meant that each girl had similar features, hair or body types. The image below gives you and idea of his ideal choice.


Ted Bundy Victims



Makes you wonder… I know a few girls who would have fit his M.O perfectly. Scary to think that your face could be the only thing to trigger a serial killer’s interest.

Ted Bundy had a selective process when it came to choosing his victims. They were all generally young attractive girls between the ages of 15 and 25 and came from working class background. His method of murder was a choice of strangulation and blunt trauma because this was easy, silent and generally didn’t leave too much behind in the way of forensics.

Bundy’s MO (Modus Operandi) took on a more sophisticated style as his killing career progressed. He first started out by breaking into the victim’s premises late at night and carried out his violent attacks while the victim lay sleeping. Some of his victims were sexually assaulted with objects he found in the room either while unconscious or after death.

As his confidence grew, so did his killing style. He would lure unsuspecting women by pretending to be a police officer or feigning injury and when the victim was close enough he would attack them and kidnap them, usually driving over state lines before murdering them and leaving their naked bodies on display for people to find.

Ted Bundy confessed to killing 30 women however recent information shows that this number was actually closer to 100. Read more on the article I posted back in May.

The list of victims Bundy was convicted for murdering are:


Ted Bundy List of Victims


Below is a list of victims who are believed to have been murdered by Ted Bundy. Some of these cases are however still open and under investigation:

Ann Marie Burr (8) Tacoma in 1961

Lisa E. Wick (20) Seattle in 1966

Lonnie Trumbull (20) Seattle in 1966

Susan Davis (19) New Jersey in 1969

Elizabeth Perry (19) New Jersey in 1969

Rita Curran (24) Vermont in 1971

Rita Lorraine Jolly (17) Oregon in 1973

Katherine Merry Devine (14) Washington in 1973

Carol L Valenzuela (20) Washington in 1974

Melanie Suzanne Cooley (18) Colorado in 1975

Shelly Kay Robertson (24) Colorado in 1975

Nancy Perry Baird (23) Utah in 1975

Debbie Smith (17) Salt Lake City in 1976