The Folsom Wolf




J.G Marlow AKA The Folsom Wolf

James Gregory Marlow – AKA The Folsom Wolf – (Source Murderpedia)

James Marlow earned the name “The Folsom Wolf” from his days serving time in Folsom Prison where he was convicted for robberies at knife point.

James was serving 3 years of his sentence for a robbery conviction during the 1980′s when he met Cynthia Coffman who was visiting her boyfriend also serving time at Folsom Prison.



Further information regarding Marlow and Cynthia’s crimes will be posted soon.

Marlow received the death penalty in 1990 for the abducting, rape and strangulation of Lynel Murray (19) of Huntington Beach on the 12th November 1986, Coffman was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Coffman is one of the few women currently on death row in California.