Skeletal Remains Found In Australian Forest



Skeletal remains could be the work of Ivan Milat


I have to admit that apart from my posts about serial killers in South Africa I haven’t really paid much attention to other countries. Australia has their fair share of maniacal killers and one of these is Ivan Milat who killed seven backpackers whose bodies he dumped in the Belanglo Forrest only 100 kilometers SW of Sydney.

Recently skeletal remains of a young woman found 2 years ago in this Australian forest may be those of a German backpacker. Police were unable to identify the body at the time so they called her “Angel” after the T-shirt she was wearing.

This victim is aged between 13 and 25 years old and forensic tests conclude that she died up to 10 years earlier. Her remains show signs of injuries and her death will be treated as suspicious.

It is scary to think that her remains were located in the same forest where Ivan Milat killed his seven victims, some of whom were 3 German backpackers. Police doubt that this victim “Angel” was one of Milat’s because she died after he was incarcerated, however there are theories that Milat didn’t act alone.

Police have also received some information relating to “Angel’s” identity. They have said that she may have been a German or European backpacker who was employed at a vineyard in Western Australia around the year 2000.

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