South African Serial Killer Moses Sithole “Put in his place”



South African Serial Killer Moses Sithole


Moses Sithole is a famous serial killer to come out of South Africa. He raped and murdered over 38 women and was sentenced to service 2410 years in prison. You can read more about him here.

It comes about that last week he lost a prison bid to prevent him from being moved from the prison in Johannesburg where he is now to a prison in the Free State. Sithole complains to the courts that he was not given prior notice of this move and that it would be an “inconvenience” to him as he would have to reapply to study again.

Sithole argues that moving him to this prison in the Free State is “inhumane, inconsiderate and unconstitutional”.

Well I’m very sorry Mr Sithole but did any of that cross your mind when you murdered those women? Did you not think that it was “unconstitutional” to take their lives from them?

Sithole says “When you move to another place you have to reapply at varsity. I have lost money and now owe the university R1 000 because of the move. I must [also] reapply to have a computer so I can study.”  Does this guy know that he is in prison for 2410 years! If you are studying, then what are you studying for? Where do you think you will use your degree? You will never be released!

I also think it is not fair to let you take these courses at a fraction of the price where others who are trying to live out there as free people are paying R1000’s, some of whom may never get a job to use their new qualifications.

The reason Sithole is being moved from Johannesburg to the Free State is because of overcrowding. Currently the prison he is in has 200% overcrowding! Not the best place in the world for a “high risk” prisoner of Sithole’s calibre. Think of those movies where things go wrong and the serial killer escapes, now would you rather have him there or in a more high maximum prison.

What makes me laugh is that Sithole said he wasn’t informed that this move was going to happen! Well I love what the courts said in response to that – “With high-risk prisoners you can’t tell them before they are transferred. Next thing you’ll have people waiting for you along the way.”

Anyway, when all is said and done this serial killer will be moved, kicking and screaming if needs be. The gavel came down and the Judge said,  “Your application as it stands has no merit and is dismissed.”


  1. FRANK MAKWALA November 16, 2012 9:41 am  Reply

    yes ur right when u move him without letting him know bcause he can escape.

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